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Outrace Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing powerhouse of economically sensible LED lighting products

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    Industrial Park, Gao'an, Jiangxi, China
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Company Profile
Outrace Technology Co., Ltd. describes itself as a factory supermarket for its modular production systems that consist of sixteen independent operations vertically integrated to bring out the maximum strength. With its flagship production facility based in Gao'an, Jiangxi province of China, Outrace Technology is a powerhouse that designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of highly efficient and cost competitive LED lighting products which consistently stimulate and invigorate the lighting market. The never-ending quest for excellence in every aspect of its business yields an impressive breadth and depth of innovation in OEM/ODM lighting business.

Outrace's rich heritage in LED lighting dates back to 2007 when the Dongguan-based Guangdong Outrace Technology Co., Ltd. launched its production lines for LED tunnel lights and high power LED packages. In 2012 a world-class factory complex was established in Gao'an to fulfill company's ambitions to take the lighting manufacturing business to the next, unanticipated level. With nearly 360,000 square meters of manufacturing and related facilities spread out over 198 acres, Outrace is a truly integrated manufacturer with full-blown capabilities across the lighting value chain. All manufacturing processes, including design, engineering and production of LED packages, optical components, thermal systems, housings, PCBA assemblies, LED drivers, control modules and lighting systems take place under one roof through independently operated, systematically geared business units.

In Outrace's fully integrated manufacturing megacenter over 400 production lines for LED packaging, SMT assembly and system integration provide the capacity for the company to grow with customers. The implementation of RFID based Internet of Things (IoT) system provides Outrace an Industry 4.0-level solution to streamline the company's sophisticated but complex manufacturing systems. Through a cyber-physical production system (CPPS) based on machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the Airbridge automated delivery system, Outrace adds intelligence and digitalization to its fully automated production lines for highly flexible, customized and intelligent manufacturing that will help reduce costs, speed time to market, ensure superior quality and performance, and support sustainable development.

Outrace's extensive portfolio of value-added products includes GLS LED bulbs, BR20/30/40 LED bulbs, T5/T8 LED fixtures, LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED ceiling lights, flat panel LED downlights, LED track lights, LED panel lights, LED desk lights, LED night lights, LED street lights, LED tunnel lights and LED flood lights. Through standardization, automation and vertical integration, Outrace's lighting solutions yield the optimal mix of performance and economic benefits. With a team of lighting professionals continuously pushing the boundaries of lighting technology and manufacturing efficiency, Outrace is on track to become one of the foremost providers of the economically sensible LED lighting products with a commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.
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